My dear friends NS and PB got married last week end. We spent a beautiful day in a Kent refurbished barn and we all enjoyed the moving ceremony and were blessed by a warm-ish, half sunny last day of summer, one of the very few ones in a season that was otherwise cold, gray and rainy like a 3-month long late March day.

One of the guests was the designer Ben De Lisi, personal friend of the bride and who also had designed her wedding dress. To be perfectly honest he was (apart from me and W, of course) one of the very few well-dressed men around, as weddings are always populated by women who are delighted to have the occasion to dress up and show off their latest buys, and men who clearly look like they’ve just taken their suits out of naphtaline and look completely ill at ease in them and would rather be wearing shorts and flip-flops and head down the pub. Ben had a nice light brown (but darker than beige) suit with a very handsome combination of white on navy blue polka dot tie and a belt with stripes of the same colours. The only weird detail was his footwear as his shoes would have fitted better an orthopaedically-challenged school boy. But with such a summery (although not completely sure right for a wedding) look, the perfect detail was the rim of his trousers turned up and showing naked ankles.

One can say that this has been the summer of the ankles for men (I refuse to use the horrid term mankles that could be found on any fashion magazine in the last six months), as the Thom Browne look has finally seeped through to the masses. And I must say it’s a trend that I find rather fetching. And even sexy.

Without exagerating with turn ups that show half calves, and exclusively worn with slim-legged trousers, this affectation adds a dandy-esque accent that can make your outfit immediately less serious and boring, but without becoming a comical overstatement. It shows braveness, but also lightness of touch.

I’ve been sporting it all summer around Soho, and even though it did make a few pairs of eyes stare, I know this is one of those trends that will look daring at first and absolutely normal once they get sported en masse by anybody (which is in fact when things get boring). I like it so much that, come autumn (well, it kind of has already) I won’t drop it . I plan to invest in interesting, bold and strongly patterned socks instead.